community management

Community Management

Engage Your Audience

Dedicated account manager

Affordable websites have a team of experienced, dedicated account managers who will get to know your brand and how you want to come across.

Pay by the hour

Get a feel for what you’re getting with our community management. Pay by the hour and know where you stand. No contracts, no plans – buy engagement time blocks outright or work on a retainer basis instead.

Tell us what you want done

 Whether it is growing your social media channels through targeted following or just answering DM’s or a mix of everything, no problem just let us know how you want to spend our time and we will crack on and get it done.

Keep existing customers engaged and gain new customers

Eighty-three percent (83%) of people expect company pages to respond to their social media comments within one day or less, which is why we offer social media response management. We can engage your audience while maintaining an active presence on key social networking sites. Companies that are more active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will find new customers and leads.

Build your brand on social media

It’s absolutely worth the time and effort to create quality content that sparks conversations & amp; helps grow your brand. But it’s just as important to provide high-quality responses to members of your social media community, as you’re not just building a business but also an online community too.

The affordable websites team can help you with social media community management. We’ll become your own social media agency, helping you to achieve quicker and more organic reach on all your different social media profiles.